60 Miles, 3 Days, 1 Goal

I am walking in my 2nd Michigan Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure in August 2011. The day after I completed my 1st 3-Day I logged into the Susan G. Komen website and registered for next year's event.

Was the walk easy? No. So why sign up again? Because I can! I can raise the awareness, I can raise the funds, I can walk the walk! And this year I am fortunate enough to have my sister join me on this awesome journey. There are thousands of 3-Day walkers who can't walk with their sisters, I embrace this year's journey with every ounce of gratitude!!

Please follow along as Jennifer and I fundraise, train, raise awareness, possibly argue, and find out more about each other than we ever imagined!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

I Learned How to Add Pages!

Thank goodness I have my sister, why you ask? Because she is way more tech savvy than I. I’ve added “pages” to my blog so now I can really inform you, entertain you, but hopefully not annoy you! Please take a minute and check out the tabs on top to see the different elements that go into preparing for a 60 mile journey!

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  1. Wooo hoo! Successfully added pages, *and* syndicated the blog post to the Sistah's facebook site!