60 Miles, 3 Days, 1 Goal

I am walking in my 2nd Michigan Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure in August 2011. The day after I completed my 1st 3-Day I logged into the Susan G. Komen website and registered for next year's event.

Was the walk easy? No. So why sign up again? Because I can! I can raise the awareness, I can raise the funds, I can walk the walk! And this year I am fortunate enough to have my sister join me on this awesome journey. There are thousands of 3-Day walkers who can't walk with their sisters, I embrace this year's journey with every ounce of gratitude!!

Please follow along as Jennifer and I fundraise, train, raise awareness, possibly argue, and find out more about each other than we ever imagined!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Batter Up!

This 3-Day season Jen & I are working two Detroit Tigers baseball games running a concession stand or as the park calls them Big League Grills. A percentage of the proceeds from our booth, 8% of alcoholic beverage net sales and 10% of net food & non-alcoholic beverage sales, will be directly donated to our 3-Day accounts. This on average equates to a $500 - $800 donation per game!

We have 12-14 of us working each of the games and our first one is only 2 weeks away, April 9th, opening weekend, eek! If you’ll be at the Saturday, April 9th game vs. Kansas City we will be in Big League Grill # 327 which on the 3rd level behind home plate. We’ll be serving beer, pop, water, hot dogs, kielbasas, peanuts, chips & pretzels, ice cream, etc. And if this cold weather keeps up hot chocolate & coffee I’m sure will be on tap!

Last night, we had our “training” at Comerica Park – where essentially we learned how to pour a beer and up-sell! Which I guess is the most important thing when it comes to baseball and fund raising! The 3-hour training is mandatory for all people working in the stands, so although it might’ve been a bit of a snoozer after a long day at work or at home with little ones – it was necessary. Again, I am so grateful to our 16 friends and family that committed to doing this with us this year! We truly appreciate that you gave up your evening and an entire Saturday(s) – game day, to once again support us.

Quick update: our NCAA Brackets 4 Boobs Fantasy team is in full swing – we currently have 59 players so the pot will reach $600 (thanks to an extra donation) – which means the winner can expect to win $300 and $300 will be donated to our 3-Day funds! Again, as a result of generous friends, family & co-workers we have another successful fund raising event!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Family Fun Weekend!

Well this past weekend Kraig & I with the kids and two other families went to Frankenmuth, MI for a weekend of swimming, putt-putt, arcade playing, laughs & good times! But have no fear - I still managed to get my training miles in! Jen & I went for our 3 mile walk Saturday in Frankenmuth and it was nice to have a change in scenery, it made the 3+ miles go by quickly. We walked along the river for a bit, until the path became totally washed out and then headed up the road to the world famous Bronner's.

It was nice to have a stress free weekend of nothing but family fun! N
ow it's back to reality with work and 3-Day fund-raising planning!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Only 150 days left until the Michigan 3-Day event!

The past six days have been busy to say the least! But making money for the 3-Day is a good kind of busy! Last Friday, I was able to go to a 3-Day fundraising Arbonne party for my girlfriend, Debbie, who signed up in February for her 1st walk here in Michigan! She will be walking with her two sisters, Maggie (who has walked twice before) and Denise who is also a first time walker! I’m so excited for all three of them; they are going to do awesome!! And I am really looking forward to hopefully doing some training walks with them in the near future (c’mon Spring!!!!)

On Saturday, Jen & I went out with the kids to collect the bottles and cans for our mini bottle drive. To say we were pleased would be a huge understatement. Once again we were blown away with the generosity of others. Check out Jen’s blog post about our adventure http://we-are-walking.blogspot.com/2011/03/finding-positive-in-dreaded-time-change.html

So far we’ve returned $ 152 worth of bottles & cans from that drive and there are still a lot more to be returned! Also, I got a call from Jen that the party store around the corner, Grapevine, will take back ALL of the Bud Light Lime glass bottles that my neighbor graciously gave us – all 40 something 12-packs!!!!!

Our 2nd Annual NCAA Brackets 4 Boobs fantasy team is underway with 50+ players nearing their deadline to make bracket selections. The madness begins this Thursday, March 17th – so hurry up and get your picks in! If you would like an invite to join the team before the 1st game of the 2nd round (noon tomorrow) please send me a message, smithstef.5@gmail.com bracket are only a $10 donation with 50% going to the winner and 50% to the 3-Day fund.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lessons Learned

I am very grateful for my children – they are healthy, full of optimism, innocence and willing to help!

This weekend Jen and I are conducting a neighborhood bottle/can drive, so I asked the kids if they would go pass out, through the neighborhood, our flyers that are attached to pink garbage bags. Without hesitation they both said yes and they were eager to do it. Now, I thought for sure when I told them I wanted them to knock on doors and physically hand the information to as many people as possible as opposed to just sticking it in the door, I would get refusal. Nope, they both started “rehearsing” what they would say when someone answered the door! So out they went on Sunday afternoon and Tuesday evening knocking on doors and talking to the neighbors about what their aunt and mom were doing.

I am so proud of them and very grateful they could help me out this way. Along their route they learned that a woman down the street from us is a breast cancer survivor, a very young woman around the corner just finished battling breast cancer and another woman around the corner is currently undergoing treatment for breast cancer. Alyssa said to me “Mom, we only went on 4 blocks and there was almost a woman on each block that has had or has breast cancer! We have to collect as many bottles as possible – we’ll help put more fliers out!” I think this was a good lesson for both kids, because I know this entire journey since January 2010 has been a life changing lesson for me!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Thank You is Not Enough!

I don't even know where to begin!?!

Last night Jen & I held our 1st fund-raising event for the 2011 3-Day for the Cure and the support & donations from family and friends was stunning! The extreme generosity from everyone blew our minds.

First the weather turned crappy (thank you Michigan) about an hour before "start" time with snow & sleet falling at an unexpected rate yet everyone still came! Next, there were "new" rules to be learned that may have been a bit confusing -but everyone rolled with it and still played! And then, with 40 people packed in a house for a card tournament, it got a little warm - but everyone still laughed and had fun! When it came time to draw the 50/50 - the full pot was at $240, the winning ticket was worth $120 - - - the owner of the winning ticket, Wendy Wiegand, graciously donated it back to the cause! The night continued & the tournament came to an end, it was now time to announce the winners - 1st place would win $100, 2nd place $50 & the lucky name drawn from the "euchred quarter kitty" would get $43. Ric Elmo won the quarters, Steve Hamill won 1st place, and Ray Reick won 2nd place - - - ALL three donated their winnings back to the cause!!!!

My heart is filled with so much gratitude I can't possibly put it into words! To say thank you does not seem enough.

A total of
$1,200 was raised last night, - all of which will help put an end to breast cancer! It will be done, I'm convinced!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Infomercials Galore!

Okay, so you probably know by now that the 24-week training started this week for the Michigan walkers. Well, when you live in Michigan it can be a little dicey to get a 3-mile walk done the first week of March, especially when you work during the day so the sidewalks/trails re-freeze in the early morning hours & in the evening. So that means it’s either mall walking (not bad) or hitting the treadmill (boring!), I’m planning to do both this week, trying to mix it up a bit – ha ha ha!

So while I was doing my 3-mile walk at the gym on the treadmill Tuesday, during the wee early morning hours, I noticed how many darn infomercials are on. You can by the Ninja (a $300 blender that you’ll rarely use), Wen products for your hair (you’ll look like Alyssa Milano), or the Booty Pop (you know you want to be Kim Kardashian!) Wouldn’t it be nice if one of these stations could put on some CSI or Law & Order re-runs to entertain me for the hour, is that too much to ask? Until then, I’ll keep checking The Weather Channel website in hopes of a good thaw real soon –this week is 12 miles, next week is 13!

Quick reminder:
For those that want to participate in the Euchre Tournament fundraiser this Saturday, if you have not paid or made arrangements with Jen or myself – PLEASE do so ASAP! We’ve had a great response and want to make sure we accommodate everyone!! You can reach me by email at smithstef.5@gmail.com or Jen at jen.carbary@gmail.com