60 Miles, 3 Days, 1 Goal

I am walking in my 2nd Michigan Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure in August 2011. The day after I completed my 1st 3-Day I logged into the Susan G. Komen website and registered for next year's event.

Was the walk easy? No. So why sign up again? Because I can! I can raise the awareness, I can raise the funds, I can walk the walk! And this year I am fortunate enough to have my sister join me on this awesome journey. There are thousands of 3-Day walkers who can't walk with their sisters, I embrace this year's journey with every ounce of gratitude!!

Please follow along as Jennifer and I fundraise, train, raise awareness, possibly argue, and find out more about each other than we ever imagined!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

35 Days to Go - Let the Feet Rock!

That’s only 5 weeks until we will walk 60 miles in 3 days with thousands of other women and men. In 5 weeks we will find out if we’ve trained enough, packed the right things, and mentally prepared for this life changing event.

Something else we need in just a few weeks? MUSIC! Good, clean, fun walking music!

For Christmas Jen & I each received portable speakers that we attach to our hydration/fanny packs. They run on batteries and we hook our IPod or MP3 player up to them. This way we are able to enjoy music without the headphones (which are a BIG no, no on the 3-Day walk for obvious safety reasons!). Don’t get me wrong, on event there are a ton of people cheering you on along the side of the road, there are many amazing walkers to have great conversations with along the route, but there are some stretches when you just need that extra little pick-me-up and I find music is a great tool for that!

So if you have any ideas of songs for us to load up on our players – keeping in mind that other walkers around us will have to endure our music selection – please share! You can post a comment here on my blog, post a comment on my Facebook, or send me an e-mail to smithstef.5@gmail.com

We are looking for lots and lots of tunes – it takes about 8-10 hours each day of walking…

Quick update: Our fundraising events have officially come to a close but of course we are continuing to accept personal donations to help reach our goal! Our Spaghetti Dinner, Trivia Night plus Tin Can Auction in May raised $1000 and our last Detroit Tiger game concession gig was June 11th which earned us approximately $800 for the night! We are so appreciative of all of the support, donations, and encouragement that our friends and family have shown us over the past several months!

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